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Looking for a new laptop as new development machine, doing lots of coding on the road. For this reason need one with the highest resolution display possible. Sadly most mainstream machines come with 768 vertical resolution, only few high end have options for 1080 resolution... Looking at Lenovo T530 which has 1920x1080 option. Are there any other alternatives which are worth looking into?
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  1. can look here for other alternatives or ideas

    It was a few years ago i bought a laptop from them, had to go through a computer store reseller to deal with them though. Might have something similar in your area.
  2. Thanks boju - I actually went with Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 which has pretty good specs, 1920x1080 display and accessible price. Still waiting for it to arrive though.
  3. No problem, hope it turns out good for you. Happy coding :)
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