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Hey guys i got like a half hour to pick out a video card, I can buy any card I want. I know i want a geforce 6800 card but i dont know what manufacturer to buy from. I heard that PNY and BFG Technoligies are the best ones. But i know you are the tech guru's so i am asking here.
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  1. BFG or gainward - my choice, others are good too, but those are best - factory OCed.

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  2. BFG Plus lifetime warranty on OCed card from factory. You buying 6800GTOC?
  3. The OC version is very unstable on picky apps like Unreal 2004 and FarCry. I'd get a stock one instead.
  4. Leadtech makes good parts with huge heatsinks. BFG OCs there cards stock and warranties them (real warranty). eVGA has a good reputation with the 6800GT OCing well--mileage may vary.
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