geforce 6600gt 128mb agp performance

Hi im achieving a 3dmark of around 12,000 in 3dmark 2001 se with my sparkle 6600gt agp graphics card. does anyone know if this is a good score? My system spec is:

am64 3000+ (939)
asus a8v deluxe
512mb ram (pc2100)
80gb ide hard disk
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  1. Are you kidding me? That's all you get? Ti4200's get that on an A64, without overclocking. Sounds too low to me. My 9800 pro / A64 3000+ gets about 18,700 without any overclocking of the cpu or video card, and click gamer below to see it when the 9800 pro is overclocked, and the A64 OC'ed to just 2.2GHz. I'd think people could probably hit 25K with a seriously OC'ed A64 3000+ and 9800 pro.

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  2. <A HREF=" " target="_new">3DMark 2001se</A>
    This is my score with the rig you see in my sig, minus the vid card which was fried, and was replaced with another 9800Pro (which btw, the sig has to be completely updated, for that rig is gone-- just been so damn busy).
    As you can see, the score in there is quite a bit higher than what you are getting. Given, it is overclocked, but you aren't even close.
    If I were you, I would search some reviews to get an idea of how your system should be performing. Also, futuremark allows you to search the ORB for other systems similar to yours so you can compare and tweak your system.
    Your RAM is killing you!

    Good luck!

    -- the Doc

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    512mb Mushkin 3500 Level II@472 (2-2-2)
    (grrrr.....I fried this one)
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  3. Sounds low.

    You running AA or AF in the drivers?

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  4. drjeckyl is right it's your ram that's holding you back bigtime.
  5. Yes your ram is holding you back big time.


    the 9800 pro has been disigned with 3dmark01 in mind which would be directX7 to Direct X 8.

    for sum reason all the new generation directx 9 cards expecially nvidia 6 Family dont do well with 3dmark01,

    But do really well with 3dmark03, run 03 and compare results, the 6600gt would beat the 9800pro hands down.

    But you really need to change the ram and stop using 01 and start using 03 with your GT.
  6. Still seems low for an A64 and 6600GT. Look at <A HREF="" target="_new">this score</A>, stock 3000+ winchester and 6600GT = 17,250. Sure 1,000 points could easily be the ram, maybe 2,000 even. Maybe another 1,000 for a different driver version. But that still leaves 2,000-3,000 unaccounted for. If he is running the default benchmark, and no AA/AF is being forced. What gives?

    I doubt radeon 9800 pros were designed with 3dmark2001 in mind. Maybe GF4's. But even so, a GF4Ti4200 should score 12K on that system.

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  7. Like many have said have you downloaded the new drivers from nvidia? You should get around 15-17 I would think. Also is it one stick or 2 stick for duel channel which would help some.
  8. as for 01 even with 16 pipes I can't get past 18k. 2.4at 3.3 4/5 divider. ram only made it 263 in 1.1.
  9. gotta be your cpu

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  10. yes your right there is to much of a big difference for it just to be memory.

    But explain this my second system with my mates 6800 only got this core why?
    6800 128 16piplines unlocked not OC
    XP2600 333fsb
    512ddr 333mhz
    120gb HD 7200rpm

    Got 16000 on 3dmark01
    Got 9800 on 3dmark03
    Got 4300 on 3dmark05

    Why is the 3dmark01 score so low when the other scores are good at stock speeds.

    Could it be drivers?
  11. yea thats wierd, the 6800's is obviously a far superior card in all areas. maybe nvidia didnt take the time to floptomize thier drivers for 2001 like they did with the GFFX's sinse its old now.. but it does look REALLY bad when previous gen card of the same manufacturer outperform the newer ones in a benchmark

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  12. Really it's the cpu/system limiting that buddies 2001se score. 2001se is extremely cpu/system dependent, which is why an A64 should help raise the scores bigtime. Overclocking the CPU always did wonders for 2001se. But 03 and 05, the system makes alot less of a difference making it better to compare video cards. But since he is running my same CPU with this 6600GT posted above, why is he getting over 7,000 less points then my 9800 pro at stock speeds. Anyway, your buddies 3dmarks seem right on. Plop that into an A64, and his 2001se would be up an easy 2-3K or more.

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  13. Ahhh thanx mate i will tell him. nice one.
  14. hey folks thanks for your posts. It turns out you were rite. the performance was way too low. I realised that 3dmark 2001 se runs its benchmarks at a ref rate of 60hz and i had the overide function enabled in the nvidia settings to run at 120hz. Upon putting it back to default i managed to get a score of 18220. Which is much better!!!!! thankfully. Hopefully when i upgrade my memory i'll be able to hit 20K?
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