9800 pro still same price as a 6600gt?

I thought the 6600gt blows the 98000 pro right outta the water, then why are they around the same price? To me it would seem like the 6600 gt would move everything down to the next price slot. if price equals performence then the 9800 pro should be cheaper than the 6600gt..... i especially dislike how the pcie version of 6600gt is cheaper than the agp version. any thoughts or insight as to when or if even ever the 6600gt will push down prices of the 9800pro etc?
i hope toms hardware shows a nice chart showing the performence between 9800 pro and 6600gt....to help get the ball rolling on this price performence thing.
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  1. by the way im new here :)
  2. There are a few reasons the 9800 PRO is still $200, but it boils down to this: supply and demand.

    9800 PROs cost $200 because people will pay that much for them. There isn't a large amount of them anymore so their rarity is responsible for some of the price disparity - not to mention, 256-bit cards are usually more expensive to manufacture than 128-bit cards, which is also a factor -but primarily it comes down to the simple fact that people will pay $200 for a 9800 PRO. They used to be the cream of the crop, and they have a track record of having the best image quality back in the day. People will buy them at $200, so thats what they cost.

    Inevitably, the prices will equalize more over time the 6600GT gains respect. But the old top-end cards will always hold their price longer than new medium-end cards, regardless of performance, simply due to people's impression of where the card belongs in the heiarchy.

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  3. http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=2277&p=3
    look at that link says 9800 pro is no competition for the 6600 gt......it says at a minimal the 6600gt outperforms the 9800 pro by somwhere near 26 percent..... im getting conflicting results>?>?
  4. Makes sense, but as was explained, demand is still up there. But performance/price don't always match up. Just look at the GF FX series. Prices stayed high and people still bought them, even though it seemed obvious that ATI was offering a better card for the money.

    By now the 9800 pro has earned it's name, and the 128-bit versions haven't destroyed that name yet. Many people have never heard of a 6600GT, so they don't go looking for one. I don't see real 9800 pro's going down much, as supply of the 256-bit versions is diminishing quickly. Honestly, just like the real 9800's supply dried up and many folks missed getting a bargain one, it seems that 9800 pro's best bargains may have come and gone months ago. My retail box BBA was $170 shipped. I'm not seeing those deals now unless it's a mail in rebate from a retail chain. IMO, that's where to find the best deal on a 9800 pro now... Sunday newspaper. (Bestbuy, Circuit City, Compusa). Online it's all 128-bits ones, or over priced 256-bit'ers.

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  5. <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=2277&p=3" target="_new">sticky</A>

    Well for one, that's Anandtech. What did you expect? :wink: They run TWIMTBB(enchmarked) settings.

    But really it depends on the game/benchmark/timedemo used, and what resolutions/details/AA/AF, etc. Now I have two 9800 pros, and I'll admit the 6600GT is without doubt the faster card in most tests, especailly with stressed settings. Priced the same...buy the 6600GT. But the cheap 6800 bargains and high AGP 6600GT prices have taken alot of the wow factor out of the 6600GT. If they had AGP ones on the store shelves for under $200, I'd like the 6600GT big time. Otherwise, so far, a bargain hunter will be able to find a 6800 for as cheap as a 6600GT, or cheaper after a rebate.

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  6. Quote:
    by the way im new here :)

    Gee, never woulda guessed. :tongue:

    Another Anand disciple to add to the mix, Woo-hoo.

    As for the thread, the two cards aren't the same price. The GF6600GT is usually more, and the difference currently reflects their performance difference. Should the GT-AGP ever come down to $200 then maybe they'll drop the R9800P further. Until then they are price/performance matched.

    And as has been said, standard economic factors will filter it out, not reviews with an ulterior motive.

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