Lenovo z580 vs Samsung 550p5c


I was hoping someone could give me some advice before I go ahead and make a decision. My budget is around £500-£600.
I have found 2 laptops as follows:
Lenovo Z580 - I5-3210M, 8GB 1066MHz,GT630M 2GB, 1366x768 glossy, 1TB 5400rpm - £529.99
Samsung 550P5C - I5-3210M, 6GB 1600MHz,GT650M 2GB, 1366x768 anti-reflective, 1TB 5400rpm - £565.23

I am looking for a 15 inch laptop for university. I will be doing some software development on it so I was hoping for a better resolution but I thought it would be better if I spent the extra money on a 22inch monitor for when I am back in my room. I will be using the laptop in the library fairly often. The battery life should be reasonable and I don't mind if its not ultra portable. When using the laptop over the summer, I will probably play some games and I know the GT650M is a huge improvement over the GT630M but to be honest, I am not a huge gamer. I will be looking to keep the laptop for up to 3 years. I live in the UK.

I am leaning towards the Lenovo since I have heard good things about their reliability and it being very cool and not heating up. The Gun Metal design also looks much more attractive. I have also heard about the Lenovo keyboards but the Samsung seems to have a good keyboard as well so I am pretty much stuck between the two.

Any help is much appreciated,
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  1. I would definitely go for the sumsung. Usually they have a better warranty as well.
  2. Which do you think would be the quietest? I'm not too bothered about the latest and greatest games, it would be more of a positive for me if the laptop was very quiet.
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