Asus N56VZ vs Dell Inspiron SE 7720

I want to buy new laptop , i need halp to chose the computer
the Asus -
the dell 7720


in the PCMARK i see the dell is better..
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  1. The Asus 1250 $
    The Dell 1180$

    the money is no the problem , but i want one from them..
  2. I also suggest Dell, although no one is truly better than the other
  3. only this 2 computer , because for 1200$ this the best coputers in my country...
    In the next year i go to be a Software engineering student and i need comfortable computer(17 inch), but I'm afraid dell's battery ..
    also i want to play good games like COD so i need Powerful computer..
    and my freind said the Asus is better but i love the dell more then the asus , but again ..I'm afraid dell's battery.
    what you think i need to take ?
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