"No Power cable connected to Video Card"

I have my computer system, it worked fine, and all I did was change the case. Now, at boot, it says "No power cable is connect to video card" when it is connected. I tried different wires and different modules/ports, but no luck. I even tried shorting the psu, still no work. Plz, someone help, namely Crashman??
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  1. Quote:
    Plz, someone help, namely Crashman??

    This is becoming a joke.
    I think I'll PM Fredi asking him to change the forum name to 'Noob Crashman Appreciation Society'

    I'd help, but I don't want to.

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  2. Wow, still no constrctive replies. Someone plz help? I havent been on my good comp since holidays started. And now they are half up, plz, any help???
  3. Did you change power supplies too? Make sure the cable going to the video card power isn't shared with other devices.

    Normally a failed boot after changing cases is caused by a circuit on the back of the board being grounded by a misplaced standoff. But I'm not so certain of that given the message you're receiving. Still worth checking.

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