Getting articats in performance test in w7

hey i got windows 7 7600 build and when i run the windows system performance test to see my ratings, during the test i get artifacts and i have to restart my pc ?? any idea why, im running my cpu, and gpu on stock, ram at 1066mhz everything should be good so why does it crash and also the temps are good, cpu 33, gpu 54, i dont know what else it can be any help would be appriciated. the ram is rated for 1066 so its not overclocked.

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  1. wow anyone know or have an idea?? id really want to do the performance to see what i get, but i have no idea why i get pixel artifacts.
  2. I didn't respond at first because I know nothing of white felines.

    Now, I think I can't respond because I don't know what an AMD setup does.

    But since you have gone 3.5 hours without a response . . . and now maybe longer . . . I can at least ask what other stress tests have you run? what other failures have you seen? what games run successfully, and not?
  3. every thing runs good prime runs fine, as everything is on stock, im talking bout the windows 7 it has a performance test which rates your hardware its between 1.0 to 7.9, when i run that couple minutes in i get the pixel artifacts the full screen so i got to restart my pc.

    i got no idea as why it does that. Usually it would be cuz of overclocked gpu or heat but thats not the case here.

    bioshock, left4dead, team fortress 2, titan quest, call of duty 2 and other games run fine. its just this one thing that gives me those artifacts.
  4. you need to update your graphics drivers. Are you using the default drivers that 7 installed?
    by the way, my cats are pretty arti, but got them to stop wearing the berets and smoking cloves...I just thought they looked pretentious.
  5. no i installed the latest drivers for my graphics keep the suggestions coming ..
  6. The test tells you what its testing. Whats it testing when you get artifacts. Id start there. Is your memory set @ specs manually, if not you aint running enough voltage if you left it on auto.
  7. yep memory is set manual at 1066mhz at 2.1v which is wat its suppose to run at, and i get the artifacts at direct3d aul or something like that,
  8. you better list your complete specs then including psu
  9. phenom 2x2 550 black edition 3.1
    xfx hd4850
    4gb of corsair ram at 1066mhz at 2.1v
    gigabyte ga ma ud4p motherboard
    and 550 corsair psu
  10. Those articats arepretty fast... I wish I had a few for next winter's snow season in Dubbo. I'm jealous... Over here in Aus they are about 7k, and you are getting yours for free.

    OK, you've checked your memory, got the latest drivers, everything runs just fine except the WEI app, right? Don't run it then. It is a useless tool, based on useless MS datatables, and serves no useful purpose, not even 'bragging rights'.
  11. what does wei stand for ?? and i know i dont have to run it it just im curious to see what i get for the rating for each hardware.
  12. wei : windows experience index
  13. Since 7 isn't "offically" out yet, there is a remote possibilty there is simply an unresolved bug in the benchmark........escpecially if this is the only thing that causes a problem.
  14. yeah but see it has to be something else as my dad ran it on his pc and it went fine so something is making it crash.
  15. Yeah, you're right. It probably is something else.
  16. well just asked my dad and he ran it without installing the graphic drivers, he used the ones windows provided so maybe thats it but at this point i dont care anymore as everything else works. :)
  17. huntsman said:
    . . . but at this point i dont care anymore as everything else works. :)

    Now you are where we are :)
  18. lol well thanks for trying to help me out
  19. artifacts are more than likely the videocard's problem especially that you mentioned it's during d3d test (i know form experience 4870 R.I.P)
    and the dots indicates vga memory problems not the GPU faulty or overheated.

    check it with FurMark that utilizes the videocard on max. because it can happen that you don't see any artifact in games but during benchmark.
  20. furmark runs fine tested it a bunch of times before and everything was all good. Im guessing its some drivers or somthing that makes windows 7 screw up.
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