Stability issues (constant BSODs and crashes)

I'm currently running Windows 8 for gaming purposes, but it's really not stable at all. It crashes erratically despite having installed the latest drivers for my graphics card (AMD HD6950). It's always a different cause, sometimes there's not even a BSOD, it just freezes and I have to turn it off, and it's much always when I'm gaming, even if it crashes quite frequently on start up as well. My question is it something to do with Windows 8. I'm using the Release Preview, and would it help if I installed a fully supported version of Windows like 7/Vista/XP? Would it change anything. I would like to know before i go out and spend any money. Thanks.
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  1. Hi :)

    Its a BETA ...they always have problems, and it may not be compatible with YOUR hardware...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I haven't had significant issues on Windows 8 RTM here. I'm running a 7870 on 12.8 drivers and haven't had a single crash. I can say likewise about my experience with the Release Preview. The Win8 builds were pretty stable for me. Can you look in the event log and see what Bugcheck codes were generated?
  3. For gaming, you may find Windows 7 a lot more stable, plus quite a bit less of a hassle to use.
  4. Thought so, thanks.
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