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I need a new video card...

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December 26, 2004 1:28:40 PM

Hello Im here asking again, "which should I buy" ? I have a dilemma here. I have a RADEON 9800 Pro (128mb), its flashed 9800XT... That card was working fine, I bought it like 8 months ago, IT DIED a few days ago! :'(  RIP!!! Ok, now im looking for a new AGP video card... Which should I buy? Does the Sapphire Radeon X800SE Video Card is a good choice? 309.99 is the price... I dont want to buy anything that exceeds $350.00... I really need counseling here... Thank you and have a nice day...

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December 26, 2004 2:48:18 PM

Last week Best Buy had 10% off BFG 6800GT. Their price is $399. Best price for that vid card. You can buy 6600GT or 6800OC for that price range.
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December 26, 2004 10:31:20 PM

Yup, currently the best AGP card for under $350 is a good deal on a GF6800GT. You could have bought one Christmas day at for $340 after a 15% instant savings code. But today, I have not seen one on sale. The 6600GT is a big step down, but is a little better than your 9800 pro. You can buy one from a local <A HREF="" target="_new">Compusa for $200 after $30 rebate.</A>

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December 27, 2004 7:44:53 PM

why don't you rma your card?
December 28, 2004 1:53:29 AM

Best Buy has the Samsung TV I want to buy on sale this week. Plus $100 Best Buy card. I asked a guy who worked there. He said it's a mail in gift card. I told him I would buy the BFG 6800GTOC if they would let me do that. To bad it's mail in. They had 1 BFG 6800GTOC in stock.
December 28, 2004 3:19:47 AM

RMA your card for sure, or at least be sure to give it an effort...

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December 28, 2004 9:29:11 PM

He cant RMA the card for he has flashed the BIOS and they can tell when it has been altered regardless if he put the original bios back.

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December 28, 2004 9:30:48 PM

Dont touch anything thats "SE" for radeons. Get the x800pro or maybe a 6800. If you get the 6800, just make sure to PROPERLY remove the existing ATI drivers.

<i><font color=red>Only an overclocker can make a computer into a convectional oven.</i></font color=red>