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I have downloaded logitech , and microsofts drivers for my standart 3 wheel mouse that came wiyh my pc.. it scroll web pages but not word documents.. It always worked with vista and xp 32 bit... It ia annoying the s--h out of me. I need a simple driver that scrolls ms word ..Nothing fancy simple is better.
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  1. Have you tried not using the Logitech drivers, just the one that are part of the OS?

    I used to install all the keyboard and mouse drives and software (like Microsoft IntelliPoint and IntelliType that came with the hardware), but i did no better than the original drives that are part of Windows.

    The only difference was I can't program special buttons, like a side button to be double click, but I think the generic drivers can do that now.

    Go into Control Panel, and try to rest the drivers to the original ones installed during set up. See if you can, and if they work.
  2. It makes no sense that scrolling would work in one application (web browser) and not another, unless some setting in that application prevented it from working. All Windows programs detect mouse scrolling the same way. So, there is no way that Windows would pass a scroll message to one app and not be able to do that for another. It isn't the driver that is the problem.
  3. @ OP - Is the mousewheel set to "Universal Scroll"? If not, then there is your problem.
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