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I set up wireless connection here at an apartment house, but misplaced my password...HOW do i find it (just got a new smart phone, asking for password so I can also use it for internet and I CAN NOT REMEMBER WHAT i used...exhausted all i thought were possibilities
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  1. If you have physical access to the router you can either push the factory reset button the back of it or you can access the router control program through a hard-line connection to the router, I highly doubt you changed the default access password to that menu and even if you did you can just use the manual reset to restore it to factory conditions. If you do not have physical access to the router, I am assuming it is not your router and no one here can help you lol.
  2. If your pc is already connected to the internet with the password. Type in the default gateway into your browsers url. This will give you a prompt to login to your router. Once logged in go into your wireless seq settings and you'll be able to find your wireless password/key there.

    default gateway will look something like or something similar.
    To obtain that use a command prompt and type in ipconfig
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