HP Pavilion dv7 3060us replacement battery

I purchased one of these from a friend for $100 a few weeks ago, but the catch was that it needs a new battery. I've got a few questions before I jump in and buy a battery:

1. Do I need to get one for this specific model, or will and dv7 battery do (there are a lot on Amazon)?

2. The more cells and mAh the better, correct? I assume this has to do with battery life and life span.
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  1. Good buy for $100 if there's not much wrong with it other than the battery.
  2. I found this one on Amazon after a bit of searching:

    It's cheap, but I'm not too concerned. If I need to get another a year down the road, that's fine.
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    i would suggest you to get the one made for your laptop with the hp number it is more powerfull then the one you seen compare both of them
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