A8 trinity vs i7 mobility

I was thinking about buying a laptop but i'm too confused between i7 and a8. I know that i7 will blow a8 out but wouldn't a8 produce less heat/consume less power compared to i7 sandy bridge? Also the hybrid crossfire provides a huge performance boost or not?

Some comments + tips would be really appreciated.
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  1. From my point of view i7 on laptops is plain silly if you want mobility is as if you buy a ferrari with a fuel tank of 30L, it will run fast but you will spend more time (refilling the tank) charging the laptop than actually using it

    So I will go with A8 that also has a nice graphic card
  2. +1 to junky77 that's a question we need answered before we could help you choose.
  3. well it is not the thing about choosing online since i'm not aiming to buy it online but rather search nearby stores and pick it up from there. My budget is around 600-700 CHF (~800$).

    My purpose of buying a laptop is gaming mainly and note taking during 1-2 hour long lectures. So i'm looking for gaming power plus battery life as well. I've had bad experience with both i5 and hp laptops so both of those things i'm not considering since i'm aiming for a quad core so that it can last me long, though battery is an issue when it comes to quad core.
  4. bump !
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