TECH: Keltron monitor low brightness.

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I thought I should toss this up for future googlers...

I've been working on this Keltron (Cinematronics) monitor over the last few
days. I repaired the obvious deflection problems but when I got the monitor
back up the vectors were VERY jaggy(sp?) and dim. The brightness control
would effect the screen but wouldn't make it bright enough.

First the jaggies... I popped open the HV unit to find two bad caps. One
10mf@160VDC and another 22mf@50VDC. Replaced the caps and the jaggies were

Now the brightness... I wasted some time looking over the spot killer and
replaced the 7432 on the logic board that controls the intensity levels.
Nothing changed... Then it dawned on me, what if I rejuvenate the tube...
Well, that was it. A quick rejuvenation and the picture is now nice and


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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Hi Mat,
    The rejuvenator is one of the best peices of test equipment
    I have when working on Monitors. I have saved many a monitors from the
    dumpster. Especialy With the cost of the 25's.

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