do i need a new screen for an inverter


After having read some threads, my challenge seems a bit different in the topic of LCD screen, inverter and power supply.

I have a Compaq Presario R3000.

The problem is:
1 - cracked screen (I expect delivery of the new screen next week)
2- inverter ? (old inverter manages to light my cracked screen for a few seconds then dims it, pressing the lid button like crazy turns the light on and off continuously)

This is what I did so far:
1 - ordered a new inverter (with exact same p/n ofcourse)
2 - installed the new inverter but the cracked screen would stay totally dim (the old inverter atleast lights up the cracked screen completely for a while!).

Now I am worried, how come the new inverter doesnot light up my cracked screen at all (DOA maybe?)?? I tried another working inverter from a friend too and then I could not even get power on my laptop, the machine would not even switch on!

I am hesitant to accept the new LCD screen with this inverter problem. What you guys think is best to do to solve this???

Thanks a bunch.
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  1. The inverter powers and controls the back light. If you take the panel apart it is made of many sections of plastic and glass laminated together. The back light is normally glued in the screen and looks a lot like a tiny florescent light bulb. My thought here is that when the screen got cracked the back light bulb did as well.

    I would install the new screen and try it out.
  2. IMHO, portables are not servicable except for simple upgrades like RAM. I would have replaced it.
  3. ram1009 said:
    IMHO, portables are not servicable except for simple upgrades like RAM. I would have replaced it.

    The guy has already serviced the thing, laptops are perfectly fixable in lots of cases...

    I totally agree with bucknutty, it's likely that there is damage beyond just the crack in the screen. Replacing the panel will probably fix your issue (and you can always resell the panel if it doesn't).
  4. Hi guys,

    Thanks a lot for your replies.

    I figured the same that because of the crack also the backlight got damaged.
    But then I found it strange that with an old inverter I do get clear full light for a few seconds and then it dims.
    With the new inverter it stays all dimmed. So I thought the new inverter was wrong. But then I read that some inverters actually shot down if they cant ignite the screen at first and thus the inverter is fine.

    How can I rule it anything beyond the inverter and the screen/light bulb, because I have a fear that something may be wrong with the cabling or the motherboard even or something got fried?? Am just worried.

    Thanks again.
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  6. Hook the laptop up to an external monitor and you should be able to confirm that windows boots and runs; do let it run for a few hours, move it around (gently, but enough that anything loose would get moved around), and run some stressful applications.

    If it stays stable then you will hopefully be fine; if you get bluescreens or lockups you may want to try reseating RAM/CPU and anything else that you can.

    edit: it's also possible that the HDD was damaged if it was on when it got dropped (or whatever); so a scandisk may be a good idea, if you think the drive is shot, you could try a thumbdrive linux to see if the rest of the computer is ok (assuming your mobo will allow booting from USB)
  7. Hi Dj,

    Thanks for the tip.

    I tried to hook up my Compaq Presario R3000 to an external monitor and I see the Windows XP startlogo and the loading sign, but then the screen goes black and it keeps on loading (the HD is making noise and the light is active). Doesnt look too good, but then I think: (1) is it because I have to press some Fn + F(0-9) key so that my laptop knows to display on the external monitor (I cant get into desktop or configurations) or (2) I took out 1 X RAM stick because I thought it was faulty, so I ran my laptop on 1 RAM 512MB stick, could that have something to with it or is my laptop simply 'gone'?

    Thanks again.
  8. Hi,

    I took the advise and changed the LCD screen and it worked. It seemed the crackling buzzing humming sound on my screen was due to bad electrical connections between the inverter and the CCFL, it looked and smelled totally burned through as well. The old video cable proved well OK, so didnt change that. Nothing wrong with HDD or motherboard as I tested this before on an external monitor.

    Thanks all for your help.
  9. Good job!

    Its funny replacing the panel will cost you like $500-700 from a repair shop, and its so easy to do your self. Granted the panel usally costs $200-300, but it only takes like 30 minutes to open the screen unplug the old panel and stick in the new one.
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