Skype and video game (Win8 release preview) crashing entire computer

Hey everyone, I've been having an issue for a while now with Win8/Skype. Basically, if I'm using skype for more than a couple hours (seems like it's very close to the 2 hour mark) my computer will completely crash.

When I say crash, this is what I mean:

I get about 2 seconds where there's no mouse movement, no audio, then it shuts off. There is no shut down warning, no Windows logo, just a complete power down.

I've had it happen every time i'm playing a computer game, though it's not necessarily the same game every time. I also had it happen one time right after booting it back up from the time before (I went through the process of getting back in the group Skype call very quickly, then started loading the game so that I could rejoin right away, but it crashed while the game was loading).

The game I've primarily had it happen during is League of Legends (by Riot games). As far as Skype calls go, it's happened in 1 on 1 voice calls, and group voice calls. I never do video calls while playing a game, so that's not something I've experienced yet. Also, I've only ever had it happen while playing a game.

Thanks for any help/suggestions you can provide!
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  1. The complete shutdown tells me its a hardware issue and the fact that it seems consistent at 2 hours, most likely overheating something or your a victim or chip creep (again overheating).
  2. The hardware would only overheat when you are doing intensive tasks like gaming. So if the machine conks out while you're gaming then overheating has to be the problem. Try running the machine in a cooler place and check out the max temp. your CPU/GPU can handle. If it gets near the max. while gaming then overheating is your issue.
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