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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
January 5, 2005 10:14:04 PM

Setting up a new system & was wondering whether it is worth the ~ $200 to get the X800 XT over the X800 PRO?
I'm not a super heavy duty gamer but I do play Doom3 & about to get Half-LIfe2.
Or a totally different card.....
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January 6, 2005 1:28:12 AM

If we are talking AGP, A GF6800GT will do well in both games and cost little more than the X800Pro. Otherwise $200 sounds like alot. Is it a plain X800XT or X800XTpe(platinum edition). I'd think the plain X800XT would be halfway inbetween the two at about $100 over the X800 pro. Personally, I'd rather have an X800XT anyday over the Pro or 6800GT, but is it worth $100 extra?

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January 6, 2005 2:30:20 AM

Another thing you could consider is going for the Sapphire x800 Pro VIVO and softmodding it into the XT or the XT PE. You can find one for about 415 on pricewatch.

The only risk you run is that if you unlock the pipes successfully you have a 50% chance that they are either good or bad and might give you snow, if they are bad. If you don't feel like doing this then I would suggest the 6800GT also.

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January 6, 2005 1:17:26 PM

I would buy the X800Pro and save your money. Is Sapphire the only brand you can buy? Or is it the best where you live?
January 6, 2005 1:41:49 PM

If you're not in a huge hurry, the $300 X800XL's should be out in a month or so... and they're almost as good as X800XTs.

Otherwise, go for the 6800GT for ~$400.

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January 6, 2005 3:29:23 PM

No it is not the only brand I can buy. When I looked on newegg it was one of the cheaper ones. Is there a better manufacturer?
January 6, 2005 3:32:50 PM

No I am not in a huge hurry. I have a lot of parts to buy... All of them for my new PC.
I'll take a look at the x800XL's. Any suggestions on the manufacturer to look at for the x800xl or 6800GT?
January 6, 2005 3:55:36 PM

If you're willing to go upper mid-range, the 6600GT handles both of those titles very nicely, and it costs a lot less than the Pro or XT. If you have cash to burn, then I say 6800GT. X800XT is great, but is still too expensive IMO.

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