Replacing laptop screen caused blue screen of death

I broke my Toshiba laptop screen awhile back and finally bought a replacement, which arrived yesterday. I followed this video for instructions on how to do it.
After I got everything put back together, I turned it on an got nothing, so I shot it off and tried again to no apparent avail. After the second time, I gave up, left it running, and hooked it back up to my TV that I've been using since my laptop screen was smashed.
It had me do a system restore, which failed, it gave me the BSOD and shut off.
Any idea how simply changing out the screens may have caused this and is there any way I can fix it?
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  1. Update: apparently the system restore and BSOD were a temporary thing as I just turned the laptop on and things are working fine now.
    The screen still won't work however...One thing I noticed is that while there is a little niche for the cable to attaches on the back of the screen, it is almost impossible to get the thing to stay in perfect place while putting everything back together..
    Any help on how to place that cable just perfectly or some way to test and make sure the screen's not a dud?
  2. So just in case anyone ever happens across this thread and wants to know what happened or has the same problem I decided to post an answer of sorts.
    You have to line the cable up just perfectly to get it to fit in place correctly. You won't be able to see the little points at the end of the cable when it is properly in place. The video down below is actually a great video for learning how to properly take a laptop like this apart and putting it back together.
    Hope someone else can find all of this useful.
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