One drive split into C and D

The C part of my hard drive is full and the D is practically empty. How can I get a step by step procedure to use the D drive?
Is this something the average user can do or should it be done by professional?
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  1. Just put files on the D drive - it's really that simple.
  2. The extra partition is usually a 100MB backup partition. What is in it and what is the size?

    Otherwise you put files on D the same as C. No special procedure.
  3. Isn't the 100MB backup partition. usually a hidden partition, and not given a drive letter?
  4. ^ Yes and No. On some of my drives it shows up with an assigned drive leters, other it does not.

    Be nice to know the sizes of the two partitions.
    If you can copy all the files off of the D drive onto a backup drive, you can delete the "D" drive partition and Then use windows disk management to "expand" your C drive to the desired size. then repartition the remainding amount as the "NEW" D-drive.

    Unsure, just google expand C drive.
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