HELP: ASUS K53E Very Poor Battery Life

I recently purchased a brand new ASUS K53E laptop from Best Buy on thursday sept 13. i have been very disappointed with how poor the battery life is basically since the first time i charged it fully.

after i charge the battery to 100% i will unplug it and turn the backlight all the way down on the display and will only get about 2 hours of unplugged battery life, if that. generally the only programs i keep running are firefox and itunes and thats it.

from what i have searched in google i should be getting at least 4 hours of battery life from this laptop and have experienced anything but that so far.

can someone please help or give me any sort of advice at all? considering going back to best buy and returning it if i cant somehow increase battery life without having to by a new/extra battery.
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  1. Take it back and tell them that you're not satisfied will its performance.
  2. honestly i feel like thats what i will end up having to do, i was just wondering if there was any way to avoid having to do that since all the reviews for this laptop are boasting how impressive the battery life is, its just been confusing me.
  3. I ahve a K53E and I get about 3 to 3.5 hours with it, which is all I really need. There is a program or widget to change it from high performance to battery saving mode. Otherwise, it lasts about two hours.
  4. I suspect the difference in run time may be due to the capacity of the battery that came with your laptop. Generally, there are two types of cells that can be used in a laptop battery.

    The two types fall into these basic categories ... cheaper low capacity cells with short service life and expensive high capacity cells with long service life.

    A 6 cell laptop battery that uses these cheaper cells typically has the following specs 4400mAh 48Wh and the good stuff will rate at 5800mAh 63Wh. this is about %30-%40 percent more power than the 48Wh battery. As for service life, the high capacity cells last about 3 years which is a significant improvement as well.

    Here are some examples of these high capacity laptop batteries.
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