Can I use my laptop hardrive in my netbook? I am going to buy new Laptop and I n

I have a very old laptop that works fine but is xp, I want to put the harddrive in my netbook which needs a new harddrive but other than that is perfectly flawless but is windows 7, to replace with new harddrive and windows 7 I might as well get a brand new Netbook! I thought I might be able to salvage the hardrive from my laptop and put it in the netbook.
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  1. The old drive is probably IDE (PATA) but it might be SATA. Your netbook is probably SATA so you'd have to determine that first. IDE has two rows of very small pins where the interface attaches. The SATA has two plastic connector tabs, one narrow, one wide. If they're compatible you could use the old one. However back up your data on a flash drive and make sure you have a way to install Windows 7 on the old drive. Make sure you have your windows key written down somewhere, too. It's probably on the back of the netbook.
  2. well, it all depends on the type of connector that the hard drive has, and what the netbook requires. It may also depend on the actual physcial size of the old hard drive and whether the netbook uses one of those really small mini hard drives.

    Also, you would have to reinstall Windows when you put it into the netbook.
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