My laptop do not have an hdmi output how do i connect my tv set to my laptop to

my laptop do not have an hdmi outlet how do i play movies from my laptop to my tv set
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  1. You could try using an dvi/hdmi adapter (if your laptop has a dvi I/O that is). You will have to check that your TV can accept a signal from a pc (not all can apprently), check your TVs documentation to confirm.
  2. If it has a DVI output then as mentioned you can use a dvi to hdmi cable or adapter. If it doesn't, then you need a USB adapter to video out (VGA/DVI/HDMI). There are a few brands like Sabrent, Ultra, ArkView... here is one from EVGA:
    You would still need to use an audio cable from your headphone port out to the tv input (if you need audio).
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