Can't connect to internet from my laptop for the HDD

In my laptop from some days i was unable to connect to internet. It shows me that no internet connection. But recently i got a 1TB HDD and changed my laptop's HDD with that. And by miracle i got access to internet. By connecting the old HDD my laptop is not connecting to internet. So apparently it's looking that its the problem of HDD. Is it really the problem of the HDD?????? How a HDD make this problem??? I'm shocked
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  1. I think I'm more shocked than you!

    Ok then.....stick to the new HDD
  2. mesab66 said:
    I think I'm more shocked than you!

    Ok then.....stick to the new HDD

    I will buy one 2.5" HDD casing immediately and will make it external. I think it will work without causing this type of unnatural problems.... Is it some type of motherboard related problem?? which is not happening in the new HDD???
  3. It has nothing to do with the HDD, but is a software problem. You somehow damaged the internet config on you old windows.
  4. i would have to see that to believe it... unless the HDD is infected with some form of malware, there's no way I can imagine that happening

    i would copy the data from it to the new drive and wipe the drive clean (delete partitions, create new and format), and see then if it still causes the problem
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