Dropped latop changed hdd, still freezes occasionally

I dropped my laptop (MSI A6200) from approximately 4 feet high while it was on. The harddrive was damaged so I changed it out for an SSD and reinstalled windows. The laptop will work for anywhere from 20 minutes up to 5 or 6 hours without problems, but then will ultimately freeze and have to be hard rebooted. When I reboot, sometimes, not always, the internet connection does not work and the there is an X over the network adapter in the system tray. I will reboot again and it's usually back to normal.

1. What else besides the hdd could be causing this?

2. Is there anything else that could be damaged that I could easily replace? I have heard some say it could be a wireless card or antenna (don't know the difference) that is damaged.

3. Why would that cause the freezes to happen and why would they happen so randomly?

4. Finally, is there anyone that can recommend a new wireless card or antenna for this laptop?

I do not want to spend a lot on it, but since it does work sometimes I also don't want to scrap it.

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    Well dropping a laptop from that height could cause all kinds of problems. RAM is lose, cooling fans dont spin as fast, you name it, it could be the problem.
  2. I should mention one more thing:

    when I reboot sometimes it now says "media test failure, check cable" but when I go into bios to select the proper drive it is not listed. Only listed are the realtek network adapter and the dvd drive.

    I did a hard shutdown and rebooted and it booted up.

    I fear it's like you said, this laptop is too damaged to be trustworthy anymore.
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