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My PC is by Packard Bell only purchased 6 months ago and I have dropped it this morning. The screen is multi coloured and looks like it may be smashed on in inside as about 60% of it is white. Where can I take it for repairs and can this be fixed? I purchased it from Comet.
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  1. It can be mended, but it might be expensive. Try an independent local computer shop, if there is one in your area - otherwise it might be easiest to take it to Comet. Make sure that you get a quote before authorizing any repair - it may turn out cheaper to buy a new PC.

    You might like to check your household insurance to see if it covers this sort of accident.
  2. www.rolta.co.uk
    Order a new screen from there for as little as £60 and ask some 1 to fit it if you dont know how, cheaper than a shop who will probably ask around £150 for to full job
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