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I have a Dell Latitude C400, runnin win xp pro. Anyways, lately, I have this very unusual problem. Once the computer boots up to windows, the screen resolution would change to 800x600 and 4 bit color. I have to go properties and change it back to 1024x768 and 32 bit color, then everything is fine. But once I reboot the computer, it would go back to the 800x600. Any ideas on why this stupid computer does this?
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  1. i don't have that problem on my inspiron 5150 but i do have a problem with getting the brightness setting to stay. every time i boot up the brightness setting goes to the max and i have to lower it again manually. a minor inconvenience but a huge annoyance considering i always boot it up in the dark.

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  2. Funny thing with this problem is that the first few seconds in windows, it is normal, and then the 640x480 w/4 bit color setting kicks in. I think there's something in my comp that causes that setting to load.
  3. hmm maybe you should check the dell forums. they might be able to help you

    click on community

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