I have 3 dell optiplex gx 270 and all of them has VGA problems like when you turn the computer the screen is black but i can heard the system i have XP in all the computers , but my question why all this computers has this issue , and what i have to do , Do i need to replace all the VGA adapter or is there another test can help me??? Need Help
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  1. Definitely try swapping the monitor if you are only using one to test all three computers, and try replacing the video card. If that doesn't work, you might be out of luck. Those are older systems and the problem could be the CPUs, the RAM, or even the motherboards.

    Do you get a Dell BIOS screen?

    Just out of curiosity, how did you end up with three identical computers with identical problems?
  2. What happened is that i took all of them from friend office he was moving from the city, he told that they are working, but when i brought them my home , to my basement where i fix computers, all of them working even you can hear the windows voice , but nothing on the screen, well , I'm will go to best buy to buy VGA adapters for all of them since they have sale for each one 15.99$ , hope this will fix all my problems.
  3. Did the video card work?
  4. Things going well now , I replaced all the VGA and booom they working now, I installed windows XP in all of them.....
  5. Glad your issue got solved!
  6. Things going well now
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