Gt640m vs 7670m review

toshiba satellite l850-10j vs ACER V3-571-3614G50M

same i7
same ddr
7670m vs gt640m

honestly i dont see much of a diference beteween this 2 graphic cards in benchs im looking to buy a pc for gaming and want to know if the 640M really compensates the extra 100€ i have to give to own acer i dont know if im allowed to post stores links if not im sorry

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  1. You would notice the difference, though I'm not sure if it's 100€ of a difference... perhaps 50€...
  2. The 640m is significantly faster on its own and is basically the same silicon as the 650m, just clocked 100-150mhz or so lower.

    It is likely you can OC the 640m to match the 650m without any playing with voltages and keeping an eye on temperatures.

    the 7670m is the same silicon as the 7690m, clocked 125Mhz lower, you can see that this is still inferior to the STOCK 640m here:

    I think it would be worth while to go with the NVIDIA option personally.

    I have a slightly older laptop that has the 525m, which I clock to match the 550m with no problem. It is plenty of horsepower when coupled with my i7 to crank games at my panels native res. (720p). I have seen them get playable rates at 1080p.

    The 640m is better. Should roast the proverbial ghost.
  3. nbelote said:
    You would notice the difference, though I'm not sure if it's 100€ of a difference... perhaps 50€...

    there is a promotion in tha toshiba model that puts him for sale at the price of 722€ while de Acer is 799€ and as far as i read as some overheating problems
  4. i could not edit my previous post, but pls take a look at this pc overheating problem:

    in it comes to temperatures i dont realy understand much :S
  5. they still give it an 80%, but yeah, those high temps do not fill me with hope for OCing the GPU,

    However it is possible to turn of turbo boost on the CPU when playing games (somthing which I discovered during my OCing research) with not much effect on overall FPS in games (actually if it allows a higher GPU OC they are often better).

    It depends, I still would go for the stronger GPU, but then the first thing I would do is open it up and apply some MX-4 thermal paste to the GPU and CPU. The standard stuff they use is crap... If you are not that kind of user (who fiddles with the innards) then it may be more of an issue...
  6. yes i dont want to take the risk to loose warranty by loosing the blue paint on the bolts. i guess im goin to go by the toshiba and with the discount they are giving buy me some pack to carry pc and steelseries for gaming almost for free :)

    thanks a lot :)
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