Download outlook express for windows 7 free

is this possible
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  1. Nope. Use Thunderbird, or another mail program
  2. Windows Live Mail is it's most direct replacement.
  3. SinisterSalad said:
    Windows Live Mail is it's most direct replacement.

    Not if you're accostomed to Outlook Express.
  4. The closest replacement is to port a copy of vista winmail over to win 7.
    To do this is a little envolved,but doable as I had to do this for my wife - she hates change.
    Unfornatuely microsoft does NOT like this Idea, they want you to go to the "cloud", so they removed the files from there site. But if you can find someone with vista you can do it. The only hard part is you can not just copy, must first take ownership.
    Just google using vista winmail in windows 7.
    Next closest is Outlook which is what I use, but not a "free program"

    Other options are as stated above: 3rd party program, or windows livemail.
  5. outlook express is dead and gone *happy dance*
    Live essentials has an email client
    Thunderbird works pretty good, but I have not used it in years

    Typically I find that using the webmail interface provided by your email provider is the best way to go, especially if you need to access your email from multiple machines.
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