Best Gaming Laptop For Under $800

Here is what I am looking for, If you would like to help me that would be great!
Best Price/Performance
Can play most any game at Medium settings
Battery does not matter.
Good Speakers
I am currently running a Dual Core Pentium Dell Inspiron 1545, and I have just build an i5 2500k desktop with Dual GTX 560's. I know I can't get the same performance as my desktop, but I need an upgrade from my Dell.
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  1. hey, IDK if this is an actual gaming laptop, but i just got an acer aspire v3-771g for $779 and it plays everything out. Maxes skyrim and places Dayz real well
  2. gaming laptop=oxymoron
  3. EDIT NM I missed the title of the thread

    gaming laptop=oxymoron
    this is true at $800

    $800 gets a poor quality laptop with a dedicated card or a good quality laptop with an integrated gpu card. Look into amd's the A series. They might play new games on meduim-low settings.
  4. Quote:
    Well, these are the best:

    But you better go up to 850$ and get the Sager NP6165 with good FullHD screen, GT 650M, 8GB DDR3 and an I5:

    I agree with this guy. Sager seems to be the hands down best performer and the price is incredible.
    That'd be my buy, but then again I learned to never buy a laptop for gaming (for BF3 at High+).
  5. I think you can look through this blog may help you do the quick decision.

    :na: Good luck
  6. well GAMING laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p Gaming Notebook with Dual NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M (Intel Core i5 4200M (2.5GHz), 6GB Memory, 500GB SSHD Windows 8.1 1920x1080 laptop PC is a good choice
  7. ChrisKnow said:
    If you can up the budget a little, it will get you a machine with GTX 860m GPU - Lenovo Y50. It is very good for gaming.

    If not there's also the lenovo y40, although it has an amd Radeon 275
  8. Look at Laptopmag recommendations: They have options which start at $999.
    However for this price tag, you might want to consider a desktop instead, you will have a better performance for your money. See Tom's Guide recommendations:,review-2219.html
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