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OK so basically I want to use my laptop monitor as the display for my PS3. I am aware of the EasyCAP but was put off by reports of poor picture quality. My laptop does have a TV tuner card so I connected my PS3 up to the aerial input of my laptop through an RF modulator (converting the composite signal to an RF input). I'm struggling however to figure out just how to set up my laptop/PS3 to get this working. Is my hardware set up correct?

PS3 -> Composite video output -> RF modulator -> RF output -> RF to MCX adaptor -> Laptop MCX input

The Tuner works fine as I can watch TV when I have the aerial plugged in.

Unless I've misunderstood how to do this completely, I'm thinking I'm lacking the sufficient software to do this. I've played around in Windows Media Center but to no avail. Is it possible to do this through Windows Media Center or is there some other sort of software that I need to use?

I would be really appreciative if someone could provide me with a step-by-step dummy-proof explanation of how to set this up to the point where I can see my PS3 display on my laptop screen.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I could not get it working through Windows Media Center because it incorporates a small timing delay :(.

    Also I have a feeling that chaining too many devices together to get it to work will also incorporate delay.
  2. Well, the problem there is that the tuner software is looking for specific defined TV channels, and the PS3 isn't really doing that. You can try the various channels on the tuner, and if you get to an AUX or Input sort of channel, it MIGHT pick up on the PS3, but otherwise you'll need something like the olden days of consoles where you'd have a little box that sat between the console and the TV and would let you select a specific channel to use for the console.
  3. To make it simple, you would have to convert the composite video signal (Luminance + Chrominance / 0-1.07v) to a signal the RF Modulator accepts, for it to work.
  4. OK the RF modulator is working fine and set up correctly since when I plug that in to a TV instead of my laptop, it displays my PS3.

    (before anyone asks, I'm going to University next week and don't want to take my crappy/bulky TV to my room and I don't really want to buy a new flatscreen if I can avoid it)

    The RF modulator itself does have a channel setting where you can supposedly change the output channel from between 21 and 69. I noticed when connected up to the TV however that it didn't matter what channel I set the modulator to, the PS3 would always display on the TV from all channels 9 upwards. So cl-scott, that function of the modulator doesn't seem to be working correctly I guess?

    I have cycled through my channels on Windows Media Center on my laptop and have not found the PS3 display.
  5. OK so I managed to tune in to the PS3 display using a piece of software called ChrisTV Lite. I am receiving the image with minimal lag. I don't know what the issue with WMC was, but if anyone else is having issues try using ChrisTV Lite - it's free.

    However, the 576i image looks pretty bad on my Full HD screen, probably not much better than an EasyCAP... I suppose I will probably just end up buying a new TV. My personal advice to anyone in the same situation as me - just buy a TV/monitor.
  6. Elementary my dear Watson...
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