How do i turn my acer aspire 5750z cam on?

it tells me my driver is installed, but when i go to use the CRYSTAL EYE software it says please plug in the web cam,...if integrated make sure its turned on, its integrated,... how do i turn it on? :pt1cable:
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  1. Does device manager say it's "Working properly"? if it does then it most probably is a hardware fault.
  2. did you install the driver yourself? try uninstalling and go to acer and download the driver again and reinstall.
  3. not to sure on which driver to re-install,...any helpful links??? thanks for the help so far :)
  4. open acer "eRecovery" program go to to restore option. There will be a list of driver and software you can reinstall
  5. ok tried it, but it dint help,... its now saying no web camera found??? one thing after another, i found the driver for the crystal eye software, and installed it but the laptop cant find a web cam,..and its integrated,....possibly a broken camera???
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