[Ireland] Is this laptop good?

Okay so I need help buying a laptop.


I live in Ireland so the price of that laptop would be 880 including shipping and that's with the exchange rates.
Only thing I added onto it was 8gb of RAM because default was 4, and I chose no operating system standard because I think my college gives us free Windows 7.

Laptop would mainly be used for games, internet, videos, and some editing. Don't care if it can't play everything on Ultra just want to be able to play ever game decently on medium. A laptop with a 630m in Ireland costs around 1500 euros, and this laptop has a 650m and is 880 so it sounds like a good deal?
Let me know
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  1. Its good for the price.
  2. Its good for the price.
  3. And it would play most games on high enough settings yeah?
  4. That one says it only has a 1gb graphics card but the one I posted is a 2gb one, and also has 250gb more on the hard drive, along with an i7. So would I be better sticking with my current one
  5. you won't come close to maxing out Vram usage at 1 gb on a small screen like that.
  6. Due to exchange rates it would only be a difference of 45 euro to get the one I posted which will have the i7 and 250gb extra along with 8gb of RAM. So which one would be better considering there is only a 45 euro difference?
  7. The cheapest one.
  8. Could you explain why just so I know.
    I do video editing a good bit so would the i7 not help out a lot with that? Would the gaming performance be the same between the two?
  9. For the price I would get the i7. If you are doing a lot of editing the i7 will cream the i5 by about 2x. 45 euros for and i7, 4GB more ram and a bigger hard drive is a steal. However, first read the reviews of the products.
  10. Yeah it looks like the only good thing about the Sager is the build quality and being 45 cheaper. Any other opinions?
  11. well just from my experience when editing you don't need to worry about storage because all of your footage should be stored on an external hard-drive so it doesn't NOM all your disk space, and the i7 will help with rendering the final video
  12. Yeah true that I really need to get an extra HDD to store just ediitng footage on. I would like a large HDD though because I have a lot of games to store on it. So you reckon my original laptop choice would be better?
  13. Yea I'd go with the first choice.

    Just make sure you get like a western digital 1TB external there like 100$ I have one now and it holds my school work (Photoshop & Flash) a backup of my C: partition and plenty of space leftover for gaming footage like 800+GB.

    and as some friendly advise call your college and verify your going to get that free copy because I know my college only offers windows 7 with a steep discount but not "FREE".
  14. Thanks for the heads up.
    I definitaly get it free I already used one on my custom Desktop at home. I'll just ask a mate for his copy.

    Turns out that Xotics shipping fee's are usually a bit more than it says and plus I will have to pay VAT when the package arrives which is an extra 200 so it is actually sort of expensive.

    Anybody know anywhere in Ireland or Europe that would have a similar laptop for a good price?
  15. I personally couldn't tell you (I live in the US) but I can point you in a direction you might try looking up some company's that are based in Europe that do "High-end/Gaming" laptops (just tried didnt see much pointed me back to xoticpc).

    Or look at some local retailer for maybe something like an ASUS or Lenovo
  16. Hmm, it seems that my best bet would be Xotic, even paying the extra in taxes still costs around 1500 less than getting a similar laptop over here
  17. 0.o dam that's crazy
    Well I hate that your gonna have to byte that bullet and I REALLY hope they get it right the first time and you don't have to Return it

    (I'm so punny lol Byte the Bullet hardy har har)
  18. Yeah I know, its 1500 for a laptop with a 630m in it so I'd really hate to see how much a 650m would cost here.

    Ah haha that was a good one I must say man your like the Dave Chapelle of Toms Hardware
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