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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if this isn't the right place to start this thread or if I didn't respect regular procedures.

I have to buy a new laptop which will be mainly used for surfing the web, writing mails, using programs such as Microsoft Word, etc nothing special. But I also want it to be able to decently run games. Of course I don't want a super computer that can run everything with max settings etc Just something able to do well. I am not using the "laptops FAQ form" because I already found two computers that suits well to my preferences. I just want the opinion of an expert to know which one is better.

Here are the two models and their specs:

1) ASUS N76VZ-V2G-T5097V 999€
SCREEN: 17.3' LED (1600 x 900 LED HD+)
PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7 3610QM 2.3 Ghz (3.3Ghz)
RAM: 8 Go DDR3 (2 x 4 Gb)
MAX MEMORY: 16 Gb [don't know what this means]
GRAPHIC CARD: Nvidia Geforce GT650M 2 Gb
HDD: 1000 Gb 5400 rpm

Bluetooth 4.0
4 x USB 3.0
Blu-Ray-Dvd burner
Windows 7 premium

2) MSI GT 780DX - 636 17.3 LED 1400€
PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7 2670 QM 2.2Ghz
RAM: 8 Gb DDR3 (4Gb x 2)
HDD: 750 Gb 7200 rpm
LED PANEL: 17.3' FHD, 1920x1080 (Non-Glare Type)

Blu-Ray reader
Windows 7 Premium 64
This model has a Cooler Boost Technolgy, TDE Technology, and a keyboard by SteelSeries
With this computer there are also a gaming mouse (dont' know which one though) and a game (still don't know which one) for free.

I don't know which one to choose because one is better than the other in something but worse in something else (eg the Asus has 1Tb HDD but only 5400rpm while the MSI has only 750Gb but 7200 rpm).

I also have one last question: do both processors have the Turbo Boost technology? And which frequency can they reach?

Thank you very much in advance, I hope all the information given above will help you to give me an advice.
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  1. Well HDD speed is not a huge factor, obviously 7200rpm is going to be faster but you have to decide whether you need that 250 extra Gb, personally I have about 30 steam games on my 1tb HD and still have plenty of space so its a tough call. The MSI also looks like you are paying a decent amount for the 1080p screen so you have to decided if that is a necessity, and it also looks like you are paying a decent amount for the "extras" ("cooler boost", steelseries keyboard). Personally, if I could, I would go with the Asus and see if I could get a slightly upgraded model. If you are looking to spend upwards of 1400, why do you have such differences in price between the two models? Maybe find a laptop for around 1200 and compare those features to the 1400 one.
  2. I think that the 250GB don't make a lot of difference. But I am no expert to tell you will the rpm be a factor in gaming. You probably won't notice the difference. I am currently considering to purchase a new laptop, and I've noticed that the ASUS machines are very well built, and I've heard a lot of good impressions about them. (not from reviews, but from people I know).
    The i7 is the new Ivy bridge, and the graphic also, if I'm not mistaken...

    But if the Msi is really good (go and read reviews, check it at a store near you etc), and you like the design, go for it.
    The main thing, from my point of view, is that you will not feel the difference (that much) while using it daily, ad even in gaming.
  3. HDD speed only makes a difference in gaming as far as load times, it has to access the HD to fetch the files for the game and put them into memory. Once it is in memory it is no longer impacted by the hard drive, and if it needs to access the HD at a later time it is usually done in a manner that would not be noticeable (load times may be a little longer overall but will be consistent).
  4. If it were me, I'd go with the Asus and save myself a few bucks. Why? It's just as good as the more expensive one, cheaper, and their support (at least in the States) has been phenomenal. I've owned two Asus laptops in the past as well as an Asus video card and they've been nothing but quick and helpful.
  5. Thanks a lot to everyone, it really helped me a lot!! Now I think I'm going to buy the Asus :)
    But I still don't get the TurboBoos technology and if the Asus uses it :(

    The i7 in the Asus has turbo boost up to 3.3ghz from 2.3ghz.

    The i7 in the MSI has turboboost up to 3.1ghz from 2.2, but I believe is based on Sandy Bridge, where the i7 in the Asus is Ivy Bridge (someone may have to confirm this).
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