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My original hard drive stopped working on my Toshiba L655 laptop. I bought a new one and had to order a recovery disk from Toshiba. I ran the disk and got an error message and windows does not boot up. Toshiba is sending me a new disk but is there anything else I can do to fix this problem? Also, I know the hardrive works, as I was using Windows (illegally lol) that someone gave me for a few weeks.
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  1. Well 1 we probably needed to know the error message, and 2, you will not find support here for problems caused by illegal software :(. That's the risk faced using pirated software!
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    Without the error message providing assistance is futile.

    However with any recovery disk, it should in essence blow away the entire drive and re-image unless the recovery disk is for the incorrect system then one may run into issues.
  3. The error message was F3-F100-003 . The Windows 7 I was using was during a trial period and I didnt have the key code. My 30 days was nearing an end so I ordered my recovery disk in order to have everything squared away.
  4. The error message is generated by the Toshiba recovery software indicating a HDD issue.

    I would use a Linux boot CD to perform a clean wipe of the drive to see if that results in a clean install.
  5. Thanks! I will try this. Toshiba is sending me another recovery disk. If that doesnt work, then I will try the Linux boot CD before buying another computer
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