Where to sell ur laptop for 500 for free online

im trying to sell my laptop online for 500 it was orginally 800 including the virus protection programs and warrentys do u know where i can sell it for this much?
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  1. Try local. If you have Craigslist, or Kijiji, or something similar.
  2. Ever heard of Ebay? Amazon? Craigslist? Local paper?
  3. Well you spent $800 on it after warranties and virus protection so You might get 500 if its new less then 6 months old. I would try craigslist or ebay but wouldn't expect much more then 300 depending on age it could be less.
  4. Original value of a laptop does not come into play when you are trying to resell it. Most, even newer ones, get abused and/or tortured by their owners... battery life shortened, scratches on the chassis, that sort of thing.

    That being said, if it's well taken care of and purchased within the past 6 months then yes, you can probably ask that much on Craigslist. I've flipped laptops more than 6 months old for closer to their original price but those are usually powerhouses (with discrete graphics for gaming) and I live in a college town so there's a market for what I am trying to sell. It also doesn't hurt that I work in IT and meticulously care for my devices and I make sure I point both of those out to my buyers.
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