Rc512 Random shutdowns during games?

I recently decided to download MS flight after a friend told me about it. After I played it the first time though, the laptop shut off quickly after about ten minutes of playing. Since then, the laptop has gotten to the point where even the simplest games give it trouble after about 1-3 minutes. This did not happen until recently, and the computer shuts off without warning and the screen turns black instantly. I decided to run Minecraft with GPU-Z open, but the GPU temperature only reached about 60 degrees celsius before it shut down again.

To reiterate, I have tried everything from putting it on a cooling pad, making sure it was on a flat, cool surface, and that the temps weren't too high. IT ONLY HAPPENS WHEN PLAYING GAMES.

The specs of my laptop are as follows:

Samsung rc512-s02us

Core i7 2630QM @2.00Ghz, turbo @2.9Ghz,
6GB ddr3 RAM
1GB GT-525m nvidia graphics card
windows 7 home premium x64
500GB WD5000Bevs scorpio black HDD @7200rpm
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  1. minecraft is pretty cpu intensive. have you monitored your cpu temperature?

    if i recall, ms flight is cpu intensive as well.
  2. I just took it on a minecraft test, but it didn't crash this time and CPU temps were at 70-80C
    how would I go about looking at CPU temps while on flight?

    edit: I just was able to play NFS: world on it for about 20 minutes before the same thing happened
  3. real temp (program)
    or speedfan
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