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im trying to build a college laptop for school purposes and gaming. im not really familiar with computer/laptop parts. so i was wondering if anyone can give me some advice as to what parts i would need
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  1. You cant build a laptop like you can build a desktop PC. Can only buy them.
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    it's kinda a lot easier to go to a popular laptop manufacturer's site and basically "build" from their store, than it is searching through the web for barebone laptop parts. possible, but just too much hassle. even then, based on some of the (old) articles i'm reading, don't expect to get the latest tech for them, like a SB processor or a motherboard with USB3.0, etc.
  3. ^Agreed, not sure I understand. What do you mean by building a laptop?
  4. You can do this, with online retailers selling barebones laptop chassis and processors, SODIMM ram, hard drives etc...
    However as mentioned above this is very tricky, but if you dedicate enough time and research, you can save alot of money for what you get.

    The main thing is, you will not have as sleek or ergonomic a design as the big name laptops, as they use very complex engineering techniques and skills to design their slim notebooks.

    Have you considered those websites where you choose your parts and have it made for you? That would probably strike the best balance between price and effort in my opinion, as you won't have to worry about breaking anything or having build issues, but will also be able to customise later should you require it.
  5. While it is actually possible to build a laptop, you can buy cases and MBs (etc) if you know the right suppliers, it will actually cost more than buying a premade or configurable laptop from am OEM.

    Budget and gaming is usually a mutually exclusive concept, unless you just want flash games.
  6. hmmm that does sound more trouble buying parts by parts and laptop frame i think im just going to stick with alienware. thanks guys!
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  8. Just a quick heads up, Alienware is extremely overpriced.
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