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Hi my acer battery for my laptop wont charge even if it hasthe charger plugged into it. What is wrong with it? When i unplug the charger from the outlet in the wall, and then plug it back init will charge for a couple minutes and then stop charging. Do i have to buy a new battery, or is there something can do to get it to start charging again.
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  1. You will probably have to buy a new battery, I think there may be some "home-grown" solutions that may extend/restore the life, but I am not familiar with them and would not recommend it! Newer batteries are better on this, but to extend battery life it is actually best to let the battery, more or less, completely drain on occasion, as opposed to having it permanently plugged in. Having my laptop plugged in to take advantage of the "high power" settings seriously degraded my battery life.
  2. Thanks, I have had my laptop for about 5 years, and it never had this problem till now. Do you think that, that could be part of the problem. And should i let it drain and then charge it now.
  3. You can try, I doubt at this point it will help. However, 5 years is pretty good on a single battery, you should be glad such an easily replaceable part is the only thing that has gone! Batteries do have a limited work cycle and will eventually lose their ability to hold a charge.
  4. I think at 5 years, the battery has served you well, and it's time to replace it.
  5. Thanks I going to trust your judgement on that.
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