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I was advised to use a partition to install my XP pro to. Anyway, I did the install on a new system. I created a partition. So how do I format and set up the rest of my hard drive? In otherwords, I have a 120GB drive and I'm only using about 7GB right now, where do I find the rest of it?
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  1. Reboot from a floppy and use fdisk to partition the remaining space...

    If you don't know what that's all about, then it might just be easier (not simpler however hehe) to get partition magic and do it with a fancy gui from windows.

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  2. Or more simply yet...go to start> control panel> administrative tool> computer management> disk manager> right click in the open " free space" in the display, choose format


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  3. yeah I did that one. Sorry about the stupid question. I just got a little confused, because it asked me to make a new partition, where I wanted to formate the rest of the drive. But temporary brain damage took hold and I thought that they meant different things.
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