9600xt problem: won't render openGL or Direct 3D

I am having problems with my video card. It locks up in Open GL and Direct 3D applications, goes to desktop and tells me that VPU Recovery has reset my card. It will even lockup when I use the previews for the 3D setting in Catalyst Control Center. I’ve never over clocked the card or system, so I shouldn’t have damaged the card; current settings as indicated by Catalyst: VPU speed 500 MHz, VRAM speed 297MHz, temp 38C room temp21C; should it be that hot? The temperature seems a bit high to me as I have 2x 80mm and a squirrel cage PCI slot blower on my case. What could be causing this? How do I fix it? I’ve noticed that there are two entries for my video card in my device manager, a regular entry and a secondary should I be concerned?

I tried reinstalling Catalyst, didn’t help, I tried the drivers that came with the card, no luck. System specifications are as follows:

Asus: K7V600, with the latest bios (1008) and drivers
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ “Barton” core
1x 512 Meg Kingston PC3200
SMC EZ card 10/100 PCI
CNXT V9x PCI modem
Video Card:
Giga-Byte GV-R96X128D
Radeon 9600XT 128 Meg card bios version F2

Video: Driver Packaging Version 8.051-040825a-017635C
CATALYST™ Version 04.9
Provider ATI Technologies Inc.
2D Driver Version
Direct3D Version
OpenGL Version
CATALYST™ Control Center Version 1.0.1698.24142
Windows Version 5.1.2600
DirectX Version (9b)
Graphics Card Manufacturer Powered by ATI
Graphics Chipset RADEON 9600 SERIES
Device ID 4152
Vendor ID 1002
Subsystem ID 4038
Subsystem Vendor ID 1458
Bus Type AGP
Current Bus Setting AGP 8X
BIOS Version
BIOS Part Number BK-ATI VER008.015.058.000
BIOS Date 2003/12/22
Memory Size 128 MB
Core Clock in MHz 500 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz 297 MHz
Primary Display Yes
Windows: XP Pro version 2002 sp2

Motherboard bios settings:
Primary VGA BIOS: AGP video card (was set to PCI)
Graphics aperture size: 128 Meg (was 64)
AGP capability: auto
AGP performance control: disabled
AGP Fast Write Control: disabled
Video Memory Cache Mode: UC
AGP skew (byte 14): [00]
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  1. Did you have another card in this setup just before the trouble started?

    Is this card new?

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  2. Did you always have service pack 2 with that card?

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  3. It is the original card, brand new when I got it, and my copy of XP came with SP 2.

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  4. I know it's kind of obvious, but try another card if you haven't. If possible, use an nvidia. Not that one is better, just to see if the problem is with the catalyst drivers.

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  5. Reinstall your chipset drivers, then the catalyst drivers, and check your voltage rails.

    Yes, you should have 2 cards in device manager, that's how XP can set 2 settings for 2 different outputs.

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  6. Upgrading to Catalyst 4.12 seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the help
  7. I spoke too soon.

    Updating to Catalyst 4.12 provided only a short term fix. System started locking up again in a couple of days. So I tried uninstalling Catalyst, I got an error message with ATI’s uninstall utility, but the XP uninstaller worked fine. Then I reinstalled the latest drivers for my chipset from VIA, and rebooted. Next I reinstalled the newest Catalyst driver package. The reboot after reinstalling Catalyst my system locked and I got a bunch of random colors on the screen, mostly blue. I waited about 15 minutes, did a hard reboot, and the system started normally. I started Home world 2 to see if the card would render right, froze after about 15 seconds, VPU recovery was able to reset it though. A couple of minutes later it locked for good. I don’t have a spare video card at the moment, if I buy one and it works I doubt I’ll put this one back. Also while I got the card new and have had it for a few months, I got an Xbox about the same time and only recently started trying to get computer games working. Anyone have any ideas other then a complete reformat and reinstall I can try to fix this thing? Any BIOS settings I should change? Small animals I should sacrifice? Anything at all that might make this thing work right?

    This 9600XT is turning me into an NVIDIA fan boy.
  8. Try another card in your machine to see if it isn't your platform.

    Also, try underclocking the 9600XT to 400/300. If you don't have any problems, it could be a heat issue, or just a bad core.

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  9. Is this AGP card an upgrade from a Nvidia card? If so, uninstalled the agp drivers and chipset drivers, reboot into safe mode and run driver cleaner, then reboot and reinstall the chipset drivers and then agp drivers.

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  10. Nope, its the original card I put in when I build the system. I used nvidia based Asus cards in my last system, it ran great for six years, I just had to try something different...
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