PCIe videocard with VIVO in the 9600XT perf, range

Let say that I want to upgrade, but I'm really pleased with the performance of my AIW9600XT for the game I play, which PCIe card will give me the same performance with video in feature for about the same price than the AIW? Or is the AIW x600 pro in the same perormance range?

Or should I just get a standard PCIe card with a GOOD QUALITY capture card?

I just found a Sapphire Radeon X600XT 128MB DDR PCI-Express w/DVI, ViVo for 190$ can. Is this a nice performing card, in par with my 9600XT. The 256 megs version can be bought for 205$ canadian. Is the extra memory worth it?
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  1. What is your budget for a new card? If people here knew that, they could give you some suggestions.
  2. Not really a budget, but something with similar performance than my 9600XT. And I need VIVO..not necessary a TV tuner.

    I always had ATI AIW in my computers, and I dont really know about videocard performance. But I dont game a lot, neither I want a weak card. the 9600XT I have fit my needs just good.

    So let say that the cheaper will be the better.

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  3. I recently put together a PCI-Express System for a friend who needed VIVO support. The Graphics card was the "Albatron 6600GTV" 128 mb. Currently The Albatron 6600GT Is the only 6600GT supporting VIVO. I have only good things to say about this card and I recccomend it highly.

    In a hit against the X600XT I have to say its performace is quite weak esspecially in comparision to the 6600GT.

    here is a link to where I bought the card :
  4. Get a quality graphics card with a seperate capture card, then you don't have to worry about replacing your graphics each time with a VIVO version. But depending on the price, maybe there's no savings (alot of the VIVO cards I'm seeing are at most $5 difference from non-ViVos. Of course that offers less flexibility and is likely to be slightly more taxing on your CPU.

    Just be sure to get hardware MPEG-2 encoding on the capture card if you do get a seperate card. Not sure what they have in Quebec (city?) maybe Eden knows, anywhoo Hauppauge, ADS, Dazzle and Pinnacle all have good stuff in the under $100 range. And some other brands you can get for under $50CDN. If it's USB based get USB2.0 not 1.1 as 1.1 can't handle full resolution standard TV.

    The ones in the same performance range would be the X600Pro/XT, the X700, and the GF6600. The GF6600GT and X700Pro would be more powerful than the R9600XT. And memory size is not important for the X600 line, but the X700PRO and the GF6600GT would show occasional slight benifit from the added memory (as long as it's the same speed/quality), however I wouldn't pay much of a premium for it, as even at the X700PRO/GF6600GT level of cards, the impact is very limited. I'd say if you can get them for only a few bucks more (often less than $30) go for an X700Pro or GF6600GT.

    And there is FAR more Cardmakers than just the Albatron for <A HREF="http://www.giga-byte.com/VGA/Products/Products_NVIDIAGeForce6600GT.htm" target="_new">VIVO GF6600GTs</A>.

    Take a look at one of the more prolific e-tailers in Toronto to get an idea of what's outside your area, and what prices are like.

    <A HREF="http://www.canadacomputers.com/video.html" target="_new">http://www.canadacomputers.com/video.html</A>

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  5. Ok..I might be buying a 6600gt with VIVO, as theiy are not much more expensive than the x600xt. I just dont know how is the quality of the capture with nvidia, as I have never owned on be4.

    I'm not sure about an external capture card.. That will bring the cost a bit higher than what I expected and I dont really need the tuner or the remote control. Unles there is a good plain capture only ard, that could be an option.

    I will between the the 660 and the x600, leaning more towards the x600, because I know ATI card better, and they always have performed well with any of my system. But I guess than nvidia should just do the same.

    As I said, I'm not a big gamer. But I do want a card that will give me adequate performance and my 9600XT is just that. But I dont have tried doom3 or HL on it, this could be another equation in my upgrade path.

    Having satellite digital tv, the tuner is no need for me. And I do some video editing, thet why I need good quality capture.


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  6. If doom 3 or HL2 is a factor then the 6600GT for sure. The 6600 GT has frame rates almost 4X that of the X600 XT at 1024x768 rez.
  7. Well since there' no tuner side of things the VIVO aspect are pretty close. Future ATi cards will do better with the theatre 550 chip, but really both will do the basics, and it'll depend more on the software you edit with.

    The X700Pro can usually be found for just about the same price as the X600XT, and It's much better, and if you're more comfortable with ATI then go with the X700Pro. As for D3 and HL2, erll thry plsy to the strengths of different cards, the GF6600GT is definitely more of a D3 card, and the X700Pro can excel at HL2, but still settings determine what's what and whether the differences are worthwhile. Both will give you an increase over the R9600XT. The X700Pro is usually close to the X600XT price, and the GF6600GT is usually a slight premium, but it also offers a slight premium in performance in a majority of the situations. It'll really depend alot on the prices in your area and the cards available. Depending on when you do this upgrade the non-xl X800 (R430) may come into play, and based on past prices it like the GF6600GT would only be a slight premium over the X600XT, and it would give you humungous leaps 12pipeline card + 256bit memory. So the X700/GF6600GT give you immediate 8 pixel pipeline cards with 128bit memory, which is a step up from the 4 pipeline X600. Also the X700 gives you a vertex boost from 2 to 6 geometry engine (like the X800series), the GF6600GT gives you a single extra vertex engine boost at 3 geometry engines.

    Really it's a question of application, if you are truely concerned about the quality of your input I would recommend a quality hardware encoder card so as to avoid any possible dropped frames, whereas CPU hiccups could xause some hitches. While this increases the cost, if you don't game except on occasion, then he X600vanilla (non-xt) which would likely do your gaming needs ok, but not quite up to the R9600XT, a little less than the R9600Pro IIRC, and if you want to focus on the editing then that would be the direction I would go, of course it comes down to the money you want to pay and the money you have. Even a non-GT GF6600 would be a wise choice too.

    Now don't confuse an add-in card with something that needs a tunner, there are add-ins that only add the VIVO funtion, and these are usually the ones you want anyways as they have hardware encoding which is what we're looking for. There are also some inexpensive add-in card that will do an ok job that would still be better than the vivo on the cards.

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  8. Ok, right now, with my A643000+, and my AIW9600xt, I can capture DVD quality without any frame drop. I use 2X160 gigs seagate in RAID0 on nforce3 SATA controller. I also have 1 gigs of RAM.

    My next system will be a PCIe nforce4 motherboard. Either socket 754 (if they do some, as I already have a 754 CPU) or a 939.

    As there is almost no motherboard with nforce4 chipset yet, I have more time to do my research.

    Maybe I will get a better non VIVO video card and get a better quality capture card.

    You know about any good standalone capture card?


    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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