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I got Nero cd burning software (V. with my LG 32X writer.

Most of my data files and folders names are more than 100 Characters in length since Windows allows upto 255 Chracters long file names.

Problem is now I can’t burn these files with Nero because they have long file names. There are literally thousands of files that I have named of more than 100 characters long and I can not change them now.

Also I would like to continue naming my files with long file names because that way I can spot the exact information I am looking for very easily.

Does anybody know a software that can burn really long file names preferably 128 characters or longer?

I would really appreciate the name and URL for such a software.

Thank You,
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  1. I believe Easy CD Creator can burn long file names.

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  2. Do you know the settings or parameters for easy cd creator?

    Can you post them or send me by PM please?

    Thank You
  3. Jeffrey What I do is I zip all my long file names up. I don't know your situation and if this idea will work. I mean if you need to run your files from CD then I'm assuming it won't really help you. But if you are burning for the purpose of just backing up your files, then yeah it of course would work. Just select all your files and right click and choose the correct winzip / winrar option.

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  4. Try the settings mentioned on this <A HREF="" target="_new">page</A>:

    1) Create new UDF/ISO project
    2) In the ISO tab check Level 2, Mode 2/XA, ASCII char set, clear the Joliet box, and check all the Relax ISO Restrictions.
    3) In the UDF tab, select Physical Partition and Filesystem ver of 1.5 or 2.01.

    In addition, you could always upgrade. Version 6 supports extra-long Joliet file names of up to 109 characters. It's either that, or install software like NTI CD-Maker, which has support for Romeo.


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  5. Toejam is right, I just test burned some long file names and they burned without being cut off! This was not the case with Nero 5.x. So upgrade to 6!

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  6. Hmm, I had an issue with Nero 6 Ultra edition making file names super short (max about 6 + extension) will try changing those settings and seing if it is just that.

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