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So i disassembled a Acer Aspire 5734Z to check a problem with the laptop not being able to find the batteri.

Got that fixed but after that a new problem emerged.

Now it can't find the touchpad.
And i know what you are thinking, He forgot to set the cable in the right way.
Sorry to tell ya, no i didnt :/

It doesnt even find the Touchpad.
The mouse buttons doesnt work either..

Im kinda lost, since nothing on the mobo seems to have taken any dmg at all
didnt even go near where the touchpad is. so can't see how i fucked it up
i had gloves on under the whole operation so i didnt give out static electricity.

So.. What are your thoughts about this?
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  1. Please help me quickly since its my brothers laptop, and normally i have no problems in repairing computers, and repairing my own mistakes, but as i said this one proves to be quite difficult for me.

    (FYI: Been all over google to find an answer, tho without luck)
  2. Cmon.. 64 reads an not a single post?..

    There must someone out there who has an idea of what could be the problem
  3. Could it have been simply disabled in bios or windows device manager as a default to being rest or something?
  4. Well, i thought of that too, looked into bios first, but without any luck, everything was as it should in there, and in windows im not even able to find anything related or close to be related to the touch pad s: its completely gone
  5. 3rd party software management? like those utility things you get with new mouses and junk.
  6. well tried to install the one from acer. without any luck tho
  7. I'm running out of ideas.

    I would try to recreate what you first did, take it apart and back together, sometimes it's just a weird reset problem.

    might just have to use a cheapie optical mouse. I actually prefer using a mouse, i can track on bed, rug my own leg, anything but glass. I hate using the touchpad!
  8. Me2, But the problem is that its my sister in laws computer.
    tried recreating too xD, but then again, its prob static electricity or some ***, even tho i had gloves on and everything..

    Im closing the case, don't believe im gonna be able to repair it. lets just hope they can live with an optical mouse or else im 200€ poorer
  9. hmm my laptop has a shortcut to disable the touchpad, it's like Fn+6 or something. try that?
  10. Allready tried that :(

    Its np. ill figure something out, thanks anyway :)
  11. Hit it and go "Ayyyyyy" - The Fonz

    Ok good luck!
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