Problem with video card, HELP.

Just got a radeon 9800 pro 256bit for my computer build. Got it refurbished from newegg. As soon as i started the computer it worked okay. After i downloaded the driver it messed up. I was getting artifacts everywere when i played a game, watch a movie, or just on the windows screen. I sent it back asuming the video card was bad. Was this a bad video card or something else. When my money is refuned i'm just going to spend the extra cash and get a retail one. I just want to make sure this is not a issue when i get the retail card. bye the way my system is not overclocked, it's just running normaly.

athlon 64 3000
gigabyte GA-K8NS K8 triton
480 wat thermaltake power supply, and so on.

I Using a radeon 7500 that i got at the flee market for $30.00 until i get another 9800 pro.
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  1. did you do any kind of overclock on it? That could have caused it or it could have been a heat issue.
  2. No, i did no overclocking , just poped in in normaly. It would run fine using the standered driver from Xp. I have a Case Fan Blowing on it to, so I would think that overheating would'nt be a issue. I tried to Use the ATI catalyst driver, instead; of the regular driver but after i installed it when the computer restarted a error message came up that said Application Failed to initialize properly Erroe: 0xc0000135. Right now i have a radeon 7500 in until i get a new 9800 pro. I downloaded the catalyst to try on the 7500 and no error message came up. it ran fine, except that sometimes when i started my computer the screen looked like when you would try to put a old nintendo game in the original 8 bit nintendo system, wierd shapes and colors and blocks and not being able to see the screen. Once i put put the normal driver in it stoped doing it.
  3. Probably just the refurbished card!

    To save us both time, assume I know EVERYTHING :tongue:
  4. I also think it's just the card.
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