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I downloaded the free 3d mark 5 and save the file to a cd. When i open my CD drive and click open on the zipped file , it then goes to 3d mark installer. I then click to extract files. It then says welcome to the commpressed zip extract wizard. I then pick a folder to extract the folder to but everytime i pick a folder, like for instance , I decide to put it on my desktop, I click next to begin extracting. But before it starts to extract a compressed zip folder error pops up and says "UNEXPECTED END OF LIFE". Can you not save/Burn this to a CD or, do you have to open straight from the Web site instead of saving it?
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  1. I have them saved (downlaoded 3Dmk05 at work IIRC), they work from CD. Sounds like a zip error, but why bother zipping? CDs are cheap, DVDs cheaper!

    Try it uzipped with a CD-RW and see if your results change.

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  2. I just downloaded that proggy tonight and winXP's built in unzipping utility worked great. I just opened the zip file and installed the proggy. I didn't even have to extract the .exe first it just did it for me and installed. This is SP2 and I'm not sure SP1 is like that or not. First time using XP here. was using 200 before that.

    With what I know about zip files though, If the file is corrupt you might just as well try to redownload a fresh copy because no amount of burning in the world will repair a corrupt zip archive.

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  3. Ihave saved it to the harddrive and then burned cds from it.

    But saving it to cd while downloading probably produced the file.. See if you can copy to the harddrive from the cd then install. If not your cd is a coaster.

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