Lenovo Y570 - Aftermarket CPU fan replacement?

Whilst gaming with my laptop, even after it has been freshly maintained (Dust free) the CPU was hitting 98C. I replaced the stock thermal paste and my temperatures dropped by ~26C (BF3 100% CPU usage).

This is acceptable to me, however the internal stock fan also appears to be starting to die. (small rattling sounds ect) So my question is, does anyone know if there are ANY aftermarket INTERNAL fans for laptops?

---I already have a laptop cooling pad.---

Not having a camera on hand, (Phone camera's are terrible.) I went onto google images for a proper picture, I have no idea as to what the dimensions of the fan are.

Should I simply replace the stock fan with a brand-new stock fan? Or does such an aftermarket fan exist?

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    I don't think that you have after-market options available to you. You will probably need to use a replacement stock cooler.
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