Looking for a laptop with expresscard or mpcie slot?

i am looking for a laptop with a expresscard or mpcie slot to hook up an external graphics card to it.
Other requirements
core i7 3610/2630qm or better
8gb ram
internal graphics is just fine
500gb or more hard disk
14inch or more screen size with resolution of minimum 1366x768.
Better if it is customizable (like on dell.com)
blu ray drive.
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  1. what's you want???

    There are china electronic,car diagnostic,car gps,car dvd players.what's you want?obd2 connector?airbag reset tool?
  2. Just build a desktop. The GPU that you get will be severely limited by the expresscard slot if it isn't a 2.0 expresscard slot, and by the bandwith of the mPCIE port. BTW, every laptop with a wireless card has a mPCIE port, its at the bottom of the laptop, near the hard disk.
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