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I'm looking for a laptop and found MSI GT70 ONC-008. I don't know if it will be able to play bf3 on high or medium sittings. I would like have around 40 to 50 fps. I also would like to dayz and upcoming games. I would like to make the laptop last for the next 2 to 4 years. If someone can help me, I would really appreciate it a lot thank you.
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  1. 1500 is the highest I can go.
  2. What country are you buying from?

    Here is an example within your budget range, if your buying in the U.S.:
    $1,400 + $15 shipping = $1,415 shipped!
    ASUS G75 Series G75VW-NS71 Notebook Intel Core i7 3610QM(2.30GHz) 17.3" 12GB Memory DDR3 1600 500GB HDD 7200rpm DVD±R/RW NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M
  3. I'm new to the PC and laptop. What is the difference between the radeon 7970m and the gtx 670 and what is windows OS?
  4. Well the 7970m is made by AMD and the GTX 670 is made by nVidia. Sorta like a Ford/Chevy kind of thing. Both make GPU's and they compete against each other.

    Here is a comparison of the AMD 7970m and the GTX 680 (one step up from the GTX 670). It'll give you an idea of what kind of performance you might see with those GPU's. Some of the GTX 670 is on the list too, but it's in limited supply.

    The Windows OS is the "Windows Operating System" is the software that runs your system. The laptop I linked comes with the Windows OS already installed. The other laptop doesn't come with it, unless you want to pay more to have it installed.
  5. I dont need it to run on ultra just medium or high. I was looking at the difference between the gtx 670 and radeon 7970. The radeon looks like it handle bf3 better then the gtx 670.
  6. What is the difference between the gtx 660m and the gtx 670m?
  7. Have you ever heard of PowerPro?
  8. I'm having a very hard decision with these two laptop. I'm leaning towards the msi gt70 ond-202 or sager np9370. I know there is a big price gap between them. The reason I like the msi, is it has the steel series keyboard and a good sound system. The sager I can upgrade the CPU or GPU down the road. If I do get the 9370 should I get the dual 670 or the single 7970? My price range has gone up to 2000.
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